Product guarantee

EcolightingUK Ltd warrants that the luminaires distributed or manufactured by or on behalf of EcolightingUK Ltd and purchased by you the customer  shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period as stated in the manufacturers data sheet from the date of sale. Further information is available on request.

All warranties are conditioned upon proper installation and fair use as well as conformance with the recommendations of EcolightingUK Ltd.  Any negligence or mishandling which causes damage of components is not included in the warranty.

If any of products sold by EcolightingUK Ltd fail to meet the above warranty, the customer must immediately notify EcolightingUK Ltd in writing of the defect. EcolightingUK Ltd will make available the appropriate component part for one to one exchange. EcolightingUK Ltd is not liable for any labour and shipping or other indirect cost incurred.

The above conditions are in addition to the EcolightingUK Ltd Terms & Conditions of Sale which are accessible through or by request. The full procedure for returning a product under warranty can be found in our Returns policy.